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How Our Program Works:

Part One

Plan A:

If you are chosen for eFight Pass program, our first goal would be to try to get the B1/B2 visa for you.  All visa fees would be covered from our end.

In order to qualify, you must:

- be 18+ years old

- be employed for 2+ months/be in school

- have no criminal record

- be one of the best players from your area

- have an passport valid for at least 6 more months beyond the time you intend to stay in the United States

We will walk you step by step through your application process (most likely through Skype or another app with screen sharing).  Once the application is submitted, we will send over payment for the application and schedule an appointment with you in order to get your picture/fingerprints taken.  After we schedule this, we will also be able to schedule you for an interview with the embassy.

Once the appointments are scheduled, I will personally remind you myself a day before so you won't miss your appointments.  Before your interview, we will have a Skype/other app call to prep you for the interview.  eFight Pass will also do our best to supply you with a personal invitation from the tournament organizer of the tournament you choose to attend for you to bring with you to the interview.

Plan B (if Plan A fails):

We will shoot to get you a P-1A visa.  However, this is a very very limited resource (for now).  Only a few handful of players would be able to go for plan B.

All visa fees would be covered for as well, but because this process takes much longer than a B1/B2, we would need at least 4 - 6 months before the event to file for the visa.

Additional Qualifications INCLUDING those from Plan A:

- sponsored with salary

- documentation (articles, Capcom Pro Tour Standings, etc.) of past placings, at least one years worth.

We are currently working with an immigration lawyer who specializes in P-1A applications.  He would be hired as the official attorney for your case and eFight Pass will act as the mediator between player and lawyer.

Part Two

Once your visa is approved (hopefully), we will activate your crowdfunding donation drive in order to cover your costs (flight/hotel/registration) going to the tournament of your choice.  If you are sponsored, we would hope that your sponsor will be able to cover these costs.  If not, we will do our best to crowd fund for you.  Your campaign will start by being added to our home page with content spread on our site as well as social media.

Please note that the tournament of your choice must be at least two months away from interview date, so about three months before the tournament ultimately (since it is about a month process minimum for B1/B2 visa).

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