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Madagascar, Africa

What is eFight Pass?

The Fighting Game Community is one of the most diverse and inclusive communities in the Esports industry.  Regardless of age, gender, or race, the love of fighting games and competition is what drove people all over the world to become a community.  Unfortunately, not every player has the opportunity to travel and compete where most prestigious tournaments are located, United States of America.

The goal of this program is to give opportunities to players that show exceptional skill and are in difficult positions that render them unable to compete in the United States.  With help from inside/outside our community for proper funding, these players will be able to acquire their visas and hopefully travel to at least one American tournament.

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Are you a strong competitor, want to compete in the US, and need a visa? Let us help!

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With ongoing support, we will be able to raise the number of players we help and potentially cover more than visa fees.

Player Highlights

El Tigre



Known for his aggressive Laura in Street Fighter V.  With his incredibly disgusting mixups, he placed 3rd at one of the very few Capcom Pro Tour Ranking tournaments in Mexico, Thunderstruck 2018. Additional player info here - Player Bio


Visa Status: APPROVED

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